re: Diseased Java Fern

Dear Folks,

We found a fungus associated with the diseased tissue of the Java 
Fern.  We didn't bother to try to isolate it (believe it or not we have 
other, more pressing matters around here and besides, there's no 
fungicides that I'd want to try with my fish).  I had tried removing 
diseased leaves but that wasn't working, the disease kept infecting new 
growth. I didn't want to chance cross contamination with my 75 gallon 
tank so I just threw it out.  If I wanted to keep the fern I might have 
removed the obviously diseased tissue and then dipped it in a dilute 
chlorine solution.  I've also seen fungi associated with cryp. melt but I 
think in that case the disease is secondary to plant stress.  I hadn't 
had any major changes in the five gallon for several months so I think 
the fungus was the primary factor in my Java Fern's demise.

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