T-8 lighting construction

I'm considereing replacing the four T-12 bulbs (in 2 shoplights) over my 55
gallon tank with a T-8 system (probably 4 bulbs as well). I know a lot has
been discussed about lighting in general and T-8's in particular, but never
having done anything  with DIY lighting before, I'm afraid I still need some
hand holding. I did some searching and found that there are in fact 48" T-8
bulbs (contrary to what I was told at Home Depot), and that I need a
rapid-start electronic ballast specifically made for T-8's (they come in 2
and 4 bulb varieties). After this, I need some help. I know I need to get a
reflector (one that is 12.5" or less in width) somewhere, but will there be
anything beyond that? I know there are things like endcaps, lightracks,
starters ( and other things?), but do they usually come built in to the
reflector? Or are they even neccesary? If I do need them, I'd appreciate some
advice on how complicated they are to assemble (lots of wiring?) and where I
might find them for sale.

										Thanks for any help,

													Matt MacGregor