Re:Texas aquatic plants

     >I don't really dabble in the marine side, but since I do live in West 
     >Texas, I was wondering what FW grasses and plants that I might be 
     >able to find. Any help/source would be great.
     The best source I know is:
     Correll, Donovan and Helen Correll.  1975.  Aquatic and wetland plants 
     of southwestern United States, Volumes I and II, Stanford University 
     You will be amazed at the number of aquarium plants that grow in this 
     region.  Our eastern friends can check out:
     Godfrey, Robert and Jean Wooten.  1981.  Aquatic and wetland plants of 
     southeastern United States.  University of Georgia Press, Athens.  
     This reference is also in two volumes, Monocotyledons and 
     Those of you on the other side of the Mississippi will also be amazed.