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<<  The Smithsonian keeps a living reef aquarium, with turtle grass 
      planted in the fore reef.  Maybe one of Walter Adey's books will 
      describe their setup.  They have a complicated system, and use banks 
      of metal halides for lighting. >>

I've talked to the folks at the Smithsonian lab over the years, and am under
the impression that turtle grass has been a tough nut to crack.  I believe
they bring in entire sections of plant-bearing substrate into their system.
 Sounds like there are some delicate relationships between the root structure
and substrate.  I've not known anyone to be successful with bear root
plantings.  Maybe someone out their has tried this and been successful(?)

The U. Maryland Horn Point Lab was growing Zostera and other estuarine plants
in aquaria about 15 years ago.  I only remember that intense lighting was
used: four VHO tubes over each 100+ gallon aquarium.  I think they were using
water from the bay rather than recirculating systems.  I believe zostera also
has delicate roots.

I'd be interested in any success sories with seagrasses.

Pete Mohan