Re: Diseased Java Fern?

Jack and Chazz have problems with their Java ferns.

> Last week I noticed that my Java Fern was starting to turn brown.  Since
> it's near the heater, at first I thought it had gotten burned by the
> heater.  Upon closer examination I'm pretty sure it's diseased.

>I have the same thing happen all the time.  Mine also develop
>adventitious baby plants as the parent leaf deteriorates.  I can find no
>cause or cure.

I wonder which form of Java fern is affected here: the larger form or the 
smaller one? How about any of the "new" varieties (windelov, tropica)? I am 
also curious how old and how large the ferns are?

I have a 16 month old fern (large growth form with fronds >12") and a 
rhizome that is branched heavily and, in total, 20" long. The only brown 
fronds I see are the very old ones that are in the middle and don't get 
much light at all.

Could the above problem be a function of the age of the fern?