Re: Living Whatever Vital

>Hi Paul,
>Check out this URL.  It looks like Marc is selling the same "vital"
>product under other names for other uses.  I think he has something like
>3-4 vital products.  This guy is a rip off artist IMO.
Hi, John,

I had to send this by way of the Aquatic Plant Digest because my mailer
can't find your e-mail address.

Thanks for the URL.  I checked it out, and it sounds like the same old
snake oil.  It doesn't have nutrients for plants, but it makes them grow
better.  Maybe we should be checking out AARP web sites.  He is probably
selling it there as a youth elixir.

I was a bit surprised to see how many people on the APD wanted to defend
the product.  They kept saying that it might have something in it that does
what is claimed.  I feel that when someone makes claims that are beyond
established science and, especially, when he misuses scientific
terminology, the burden of proof is entirely on him, and he is guilty until
he proves himself innocent.

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