Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #505

Subject: Dollars to Doughnuts

>I'll take those doughnuts!  The java fern that's melting is now in the 
>garbage but was in another, unfertilized tank.  I'm going to bring it 
>into work and have the plant pathologist here take a look at it.  I'll 
>report in on his findings.  

Well,  I guess I owe you a donut the next time I see you.<g>  Seriously
though, chemical changes in the environment are one of the main causes of
damage developing in Java Fern Leaves.  The problem is that the damage can
show up _weeks_ after the change in environmnet, and by then the aquarist
has completely forgotten about medicating the tank. (or whatever)  It's too
bad you put what was left of your Java in the garbage though, they almost
always regrow as long as the rhizome is left intact.

>The newly planted Java fern I have in my 
>troubled tank is doing great.  As for the question about the particular 
>cultivar of Java fern, I don't know.  It's relatively short leafed but it 
>was in a 5 gallon tank.

That question was to Jack... he and I have discussed his periodic Java Fern
melts.  I know it happens with the large varieties in his tank, but I can't
remember whether it has affected the small one as well.  Since it doesn't
seem to affect Windelov, I was wondering if it affected the small leafed

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association