CO2 injection valve

Re: Nupro B-4MG2 valve

Some of you have extolled the excellence of the Nupro B-4MG2
valve for use with CO2 injection.  Since my old gas valves had
started malfunctioning, I ordered one.

I installed it on the return side of a trickle filter and lengthened
the return tubing to act as an absorption line.

I expected alittle more difficulty adjusting it!<g>

Since it has worked so well I am planning on ordering two more for
myself.  Anyone interested in ordering can do so at the same time if 
they wish.  

My cost was:   $38.40, plus $2.50 sales tax and $5.02 freight.

It seemed expensive over the phone, but now that it is installed I
think it is worth at least that much.

I ordered it from Minnesota Valve and Fitting under my company name.
They had it here in about a week.

Karl R. Schoeler