Re: Melting Cryptocoryne

>From: jphealy at SYSCONN_COM
>Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1997 22:26:14 -0500 
>Subject: Melting Cryptocoryne
>The kinds of shocks that Crypts melt from include: large change in the
>amount of light, swings in pH, and transplanting. 

I would add the following to the list: irregular schedule of water changes,
large infrequent water changes, large changes in water chemistry (including
CO2 levels... similar to the pH comment), adding new crypts with their
leaves attached (same or different species),... or just looking at the tank
in the wrong way :-)

The tendancy to melt varies with the species - some vary stable, and others
more sensitive.

It seems to me that every time I get my crypts to the point where I want
them.... e.g. to cover the entire bottom or section of a tank, then
something weird causes them to experience a major melt. I often wondered if
after a few years growth if this is inevitable,.. or even part of their
normal biology. Maybe some intervention is possible. 

As Justin, indicates, they WILL recover, but the return period varies and
sometimes depending what other plants are already in the tank, the crypts
don't recover to their original state. 

I view them as the most beautiful genus and also as my biggest challenge...
but without challenges, the aquatic plant hobby wouldn't be fun, would it!!

Neil Frank      Aquatic Gardeners Association         Raleigh, NC