Re: Diseased Java Fern?

> Last week I noticed that my Java Fern was starting to turn brown.  Since 
> it's near the heater, at first I thought it had gotten burned by the 
> heater.  Upon closer examination I'm pretty sure it's diseased.  I've 
> pruned out the diseased tissue for the last three days but I'm still 
> finding new leasions on unpruned leaves.  Anybody had this sort of 
> problem?  Are there any fungicides or cultural practices I can use which 
> won't kill my fish?


I have the same thing happen all the time.  Mine also develop
adventitious baby plants as the parent leaf deteriorates.  I can find no
cause or cure.  Funny, but it seems to not affect the "Tropica" variety.

- Jack O'Leary
I will not celebrate meaningless milestones.