Re: Diseased Java Fern?

 Chazz Hesselein  wrote:

>Last week I noticed that my Java Fern was starting to turn brown.  Since
>it's near the heater, at first I thought it had gotten burned by the
>heater.  Upon closer examination I'm pretty sure it's diseased.  I've
>pruned out the diseased tissue for the last three days but I'm still
>finding new leasions on unpruned leaves.  Anybody had this sort of
>problem?  Are there any fungicides or cultural practices I can use which
>won't kill my fish?

When I bought my Java fern, the leaves and were covered with black spots.
After taking it home the "diseased" tissue started sprouting hordes of
little plants. Now I've got Java fern everywhere. Is this what's happening
to you?


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