Melting Cryptocoryne

Not to worry Steve, Cryptocorynes occaisionally "melt" when they are
shocked. They do grow back however. The crypto dunger tablets will
help. Crypts like fertile soil. You might also begin fertilizing your
tank with a PHOSPHATE FREE aquarium fertilizer. Beware, there are some
products out there that are labeled aquarium fertilizer that have
phosphates. Phosphates virtually = algae.

The kinds of shocks that Crypts melt from include: large change in the
amount of light, swings in pH, and transplanting. Once they adapt to
the conditions in your tank however, they will thrive. Especially if
you put them where the sediment from the tank tends to collect and/or
routinely fertilize according to directions. You'll like them. They get
really pretty.

Best of luck,
Justin in Savannah where books are used mostly for display.