Cichlid tank plant recommendations

     New member here...
     What I am looking for is some plant recommendations.  I recently 
     acquired a new tank for my Cichlids and thought that I would make a 
     concerted effort to plant it.  Cichlids generally have a bad 
     reputation with plants but mine seem to do OK. 
     My current tank conditions are:
     160 gal tank - 24" tall, 7' wide, 18" deep 
     78-82 F
     pH 7.0-7.5
     dH 10-12
     LOW LIGHT - 2 F25T8 3' fluorescent bulbs (3500K, 84 CRI)
     moderate indirect sunlight
     <= 1/8" gravel "coarse blasting sand"
     My preferences are tall leafy well rooting plants and grasses.  I've 
     also considered adding sand and DIY CO2.
     Nigel Campbell
     ncampbel at ccmail_dsccc.com