New Bronze Wendtii

Hi all,

I've just started switching my 30 gal. (18" deep) tank from plastic to
real, live growing plants.  I started by adding one Bronze Wendtii,
(approx 8" tall) and two small Anubias Nana.  The tank is a community that
has been well cycled and stable for about six months.

Since planting the Bronze Wendtii about a week ago, I've noticed that
it's starting to develop holes in the middle of about 20% of the leaves.
The holes -do not- have brown edges, but rather it appears that the leaf
is just "dissolving", for want of a better discription.  The holes
start small (1mm) and appear to expand to nearly the whole leaf. The 80%
of the leaves that don't have holes look fine.  Under advice from
the seller, I placed two Tetra "Hilena Crypto" tablets into the
gravel near the roots. Perhaps this is just a normal  result of being
transplanted ?

The Anubias Nana look fine and appear to be sending out additional roots.


two 24" 20 watt Vita-Lites on a 12 hour timer.
30 gallon freshwater
77 degrees F
pH 7.0
amonnia & nitrites are zero
nitrates less than 15 mg/l
3-4mm diameter gravel
UGF with two powerheads
Fluval 203 canister with charcoal

|   Steve M. Burnett           sburn at smbtech_com   |