MH Kits

> I would suggest 175 W MH 5500 K setup.  It will cost about $95 including 
> shipping.  You have to assemble the pieces and if you don't like the 
> looks of the pendant you might want to consider building a baffle over 
> the tank to hide the bright light.  I have been using lights from this 
> souce and have a total ofsix 250 watt and six 175 watt systems.  BTW, his

> bulbs are cheap.  $19 for either 175 or 250 watt 4300K and $35 for 5500K 
> bulbs in either size.
> T;he MH will do a great job of penetrating 
> Basic costs are as follows;
> 175 watt with 4300K  75 plus 10 shipping
> 175 watt with 5500K  85 plus 10 shipping
> 250 watt with 4300K  125 plus 10 shipping
> 250 watt with 5500K  135 plus 10 shipping
> bulbs, as previously mentioned 19for 4300K either 175 or 250 and 35 for 
> either if 5500K.
> BTW, I get no kickbacks from this "add".  Source as advertised in FAMA is

> Jeff Katts' company A.L.S. (aquatic lighting systems).  Phone 614 834
> - --Earle Hamilton from northern Michigan where coral once grew

Thanks Earle I had seen the ad in FAMA but had not gotten a chance to call.
I called Jeff today and ordered some 5500K kits. The price he quoted me was
a little than the one you posted but still a good deal. With 5500K bulbs
the kits were $110 each. He is also sending me some round pendent type
reflectors that he had for $20 each.

I'll post an update when they arrive and I get them together.

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