Hocus Pocus quotes? YES!

1. Aquatic-Plants Digest V2 #486  - Subject: PMDD, etc.

	"Special Hocus Pocus Goop A, B and C, and whatever else :-),"

2. Aquatic-Plants Digest V2 #491

	"play those kind of hocus pocus tricks ..."
	"Amano plays us for dummies with his hocus pocus goop."

3. Aquaic-Plants Digest V2 $493  (from my message)

	"Another thing that bugs me about his methods are what everyone is
refering to "hocus pocus" fertilizers and etc."

> >> I'm not sure that _just_ because a product isn't labeled the way I'd
> like it to
> >> be that I'd call it "hocus-pocus".  
> >
> >I didn't call it "hocus pocus" (hence the quotation marks) but several
> >others on the list have.  
> Can you give me a reference?  I've never read anything on the list about
> _Amano's_ products being "hocus-pocus"  Please make sure you're accurate
> when you repeat things.

I am accurate on this one.  If you don't trust my quotes, go back and
research them yourself.  

You even replied to the message that contained quote #1 (Aquatic-Plants
Digest V2 #489, subject: Amano Ingredients.

Allan Tomkinson
atom at salisbury_net

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