possible supplement ???

I've been reading a lot recently about a variety of different 
fertilizers, substrate adatives, trace element mixes, and all sorts of 
DIY info. After reading all this (and sitting in the john looking at the 
medicine chest) I thought about my own multi-vitamins.
I was wondering about the feasability of using a "one-a-day" 
multi-mineral as a supplement in the planted aquarium.  They are cheap, 
and easily available.  I've got a listing of the make-up of a generic 
type, I was wanting to get some feedback on the compounds/elements/etc 
that are present in regards to use in a planted tank. 
Beta Carotine 1000 IU
Acetate 4000 IU
Ascorbic acid 90 mg
Folic acid 0.4 mg
vit b1, b2, b6, b12 (2.25 mg, 2.6 mg, 3 mg, 9 mcg)
Niacinamide 20 mg
biotin 45 mcg
vit d 400 IU
panthothenic acid 10 mg
calcium (as phosphate and carbonate) 300 mg
potassium iodide 0.15 mg
ferrous fumarate 10 mg
magnesium oxide 100 mg
cupric oxide 2 mg
manganese sulfate 5 mg
potassium chloride 30 mg
chromium chloride 25 mcg  
sodium molybdate (molybdenum) 25 mcg
sodium selenate (selenium) 25 mcg
zinc sulfate 15 mg
nickle sulfate 5 mcg
stannous chloride (tin) 10 mcg
sodium metavanadate (vanadium) 10 mcg
sodium metasilicate (silicon) 10 mcg

This is only speculation, so any feedback at all (on the list, or via 
private email) is more than welcome. 
What is good for the plants/fish, and what is not??? I realize that this 
is a supplement designed for higher (supposedly) forms of life, but 
would it work?  

To sum it all up I guess what I'm asking is: 
Would if help a plant to have these items present in the water/substrate 
in the concentrations available?

Adrian Hydon <aph at globalserve_net>