Listing ingredients

Sorry, guys,( IMHO :-) ) you are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG when you say that ANY
person selling "plant nutrients" in the United States has a "right to keep
the actual analysis and ingredients a secret."  ANY product sold as a Plant
Nutrient (nee Fertilizer, Growth Supplement, Micro nutrient, etc.) MUST  be
plainly labeled with N,P, and K percentages and what they are derived from,
and any and all "micro nutrients must also be labeled as to _how much_ of
whatever they contain, and _from_ what the micro nutrients are derived.  IT

No, you cannot claim "trade secret" in this area.  The Department of
Agricultures, both Federal and the individual States, have jurisdiction in
this matter, and they have put many an enterprising person out of business
for FRAUD.  (It happens every Spring here in Iowa!! )

This does not mean that AMANO is deliberately committing fraud, but marketing
plant nutrients of any kind in the US without being willing to list what is
in it, is sure asking for a charge of fraud. The aquarium fish business "gets
away with" a lot of stuff, but this plant nutrient business is just begging
for a Federal Case!! The houseplant people had to toe the mark, the garden
fertilizer folks had to toe the mark, the lawn fertilizer folks had to toe
the mark, and you can bet that, sooner or later, the Aquarium Plant "growth
supplement" or "micro nutrient or whatever folks will also have to toe the

Some products already have proper labels, although they ARE in very small
print, and in inconspicuous places!! :-)   For example, "XXX percentage of
Potassium.  Potassium derived from Potassium Chloride."

As I said in a previous post, Potassium Chloride is sold as "Ice Melting
Salt."  You can get a lifetime supply for about a dollar or so.  Of course,
you have to mix the solution yourself, and to do that you have to have the
proper measuring equipment.  And, although PMDD is talked about a great deal
on this List, most of the talking is folks trying to FIND all of the various
things you need!  That is why I have not tried it yet - I am having a very
difficult time finding the proper chemicals! :-(

My chemist son is quite interested in these "mystery formulas," as he is
quite sure he can do a qualitative and then quantitative analysis and find
out exactly what they are made up of. Sort of like "PMDD," if you get my
drift.  Of course, then we would have to _get_ all of the stuff and mix it up
ourselves.  Heck, I may just pay Mr. Amano for his stuff and not worry about
it. :-)