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>From: Len Trigg <trigg at lucy_cs.waikato.ac.nz>
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>Subject: YAPI (Yet Another Plant Identification) request :-)
>Ok, here's the rundown. I haven't actually seen this plant, just had
>it described to me. Any of you know what it might be?
>Floating plant. Leaves about fingernail sized, slight reddish
>colouring, and often overlapping. Has flotation bladders about the
>size of grains of rice. Quite thick root system. Apparently a Tropica
>plant. Also apparently a type of ludwigia.


I have this plant and it is very interesting.  Mr. Holger Windlov of
Tropica in Denmark introduced this in Germany at Interzoo a year ago and
gave me a piece.  He found it in Thailand and just calls it a true
floating Ludwigia.  Strangely enough, when grown out of doors (in a 
pond), it takes on an entirely different appearance -- all green and
blooms continuously with small buttercup-like white flowers and the white
flotation bladders.  When I bring some in for the Winter, it reverts to
your description above -- and grows well under Triton lights.  It does 
not grow submerged!