Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #495

> I personally think that the lack of information about Amano and ADA is
> causing more harm than good.  I do know that they look to enter the US
> in the near future, so let me begin  by stating that I've used their
> products with great success.  I have used Dupla and Tropica in the
> past.  Their products comparable to these in quality.  I do think that
> Mr. Amano has the respect of Tropica and Dupla for his contributions to
> the hobby.

I agree with you.  But I also feel that this lack of info should be one
reason that those of us who do not have as much info as you do about Amano
should be a little more skeptical about his products.  I am a newbie to
this list, and the the aquatic plant realm  I've seen alot of newbie's
burned in the world of aquariums.  

Basically, my message was not meant ot harm or any such thing.  It was ment
to make people think, not just about Amano, it really wasn't about his
products at all, but he was the hot topic at the moment that the idea hit
me.  So I went with it.  In retrospect I could have accomplished my goal
differently, less controversially, but hind sight is 20/20...

> Lastly, I once interviewed Mr. Amano for an article I was going to
> write.  However, doue to lack of time I have not been able to write it. 
> If anyone is interested, in order to get some information about Amano
> out to general public, I would gladly post up his responses to the
> questions I asked.  

I would love to read this.  As I have told Karen Randall in private email. 
I have a thirst for knowledge when it comes to many aspects of keeping
aquariums and fish, and I have a lot still to learn about them.  But I do
know one thing, to not trust the lives of my fish and plants with a new
product that everyone and their brother is talking about without doing some
research first and talking to some people who have tried it.  That's what
was bugging me with the whole Amano deal...  You have actually tried his
stuff, so that's cool.  One more person to learn from. <G>