Greenol and other chelated Fe & nutrient sources

 I mentioned earlier a reference to Greenol in TAG. It's
4:6 "The limiting Factor: Nutrition - Part 3" by Emmit W. Stewart
on page 204 he mentions Greenol as a way to supply chelated Fe
to his plants. It worked but he gave it up in favor of Ferroplant.
The Greenol produced a "villainous yellow fog" for about 5 hours
after addition. He attributed this to a reaction with CaCO3
producing a precipitate of "iron carbonate". That sounds like 
guess work but not very desirable.

A little more hunting turned up the following references in TAG 6:2
"Trace Element Suppliers" provided by our very own David Whittaker
(another Canadian, eh ;-) They are only US firms.

BFG Supply Co, Box 479, Burton, OH 44021
Bioferm International, Heritage Building, Suite #6, Stokes Rd.
  Medford, NJ 08055
W.R. Grace & Company, Horticultural Products, 62 Whittemore Ave.,
  Cambridge, MA 02140
Hydroculture Inc., PO Box 1655, Glendale AZ 85311
Hydro-Gardens Inc, PO Box 9707, Colorado Springs, CO 80932
Thompson-Hayward Chem. Co., Leffingwell Division, 111 S. Berry St.,
  Brea, CA 92621
Occidental Chemical Co., Box 1185, Houston, TX 77001
Plant Marvel Laboratories, 624 W. 119th St., Chicago, IL 60628
Sierra Chemical Co., 1001 Yosemite Drive, Milpitas, CA 95035
Stoller Chemical Co. Inc., 8582 Katy Freeway, Suite 200,
  Houston, TX 77024
Woolfolk Chemical Works Inc., PO Box 938, Ft. Valley, GA 31030
CIBA-GEIGY Corporation, Box 11422, Greensboro, NC 27409

Please bear in mind that this info is about four years old and I
hope that I have not introduced any typographical errors.

Steve              in Vancouver where the sun came out today!