Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #494

>The main text I was refering to was how he decided what color of light to
>use.  The article talked about how he was scuba diving and the color of
>wet suit changed colors underwater, so he figured that the color missing
>was not as important...  Or something like that at least. <G>  Anyways, it
>did not impress me much.  If he later went back to the lab and tested it,
>fine and GREAT, but he does not mention if he did test it or not...

Actually, weather he did any scientific tests or not, he is in fact
correct, BUT if he was scuba diving around a reef (salt water) the color
penetrations are differant than in fresh water. I get confusssed about
which is which, but I think it was the reds that dont penetrate very far in
the sea and the blues that dont penetrate well in fresh water. These are at
depths greater than most of your home aquariums though so it may or may not
make that much differance. Personally, the best lamps I've used to date
taking all things into concideration (cost of replacement, plant growth,
etc) are the standard cool white $0.89 each at the hardware store bulbs
replaced on a 1 year cycle (actualy since I have 6 F40-T12 or equivalent, I
change one every 2 months). Granted,  my tanks aren't quite as good as the
photos I've seen, but are getting closer. :)