Re: Fertilizer ingredient listings, etc...

: I too would like to know what Amano uses in his products, just like
: Pepsi would like to know what formula Coca Cola uses.

   You can bet your kids they DO know.  You could drag a bottle of any 
fertilizer onto any decent college campus on earth and have a complete 
analysis of it done up in no time.  The only people that are foiled by 
not listing ingredients are the individals without the money/inclination 
to run a sample of fertilizer X through the nearest lab.  Amano isn't 
trying to stop corporate competitors from cloning his products (or if he 
is, he's got a big surprise coming), he's trying to keep all the happy 
little PMMD brewers out there from rolling their own versions of it.
Whether that upsets you or not depends on your point of view.  
(Personally I think the lack of information given to the product's users 
is the greater grievence.  We SHOULD be able to easily find out what we're 
putting in our tanks, even if some don't care.

Nathan H.