light for hex tank

I would suggest 175 W MH 5500 K setup.  It will cost about $95 including 
shipping.  You have to assemble the pieces and if you don't like the 
looks of the pendant you might want to consider building a baffle over 
the tank to hide the bright light.  I have been using lights from this 
souce and have a total ofsix 250 watt and six 175 watt systems.  BTW, his 
bulbs are cheap.  $19 for either 175 or 250 watt 4300K and $35 for 5500K 
bulbs in either size.

T;he MH will do a great job of penetrating 

Basic costs are as follows;
175 watt with 4300K  75 plus 10 shipping
175 watt with 5500K  85 plus 10 shipping
250 watt with 4300K  125 plus 10 shipping
250 watt with 5500K  135 plus 10 shipping
bulbs, as previously mentioned 19for 4300K either 175 or 250 and 35 for 
either if 5500K.
BTW, I get no kickbacks from this "add".  Source as advertised in FAMA is 
Jeff Katts' company A.L.S. (aquatic lighting systems).  Phone 614 834 0404

--Earle Hamilton from northern Michigan where coral once grew