Re: Lighting Intensity

> From: Rodney Dorville/EC/SP_SF <RDORVILL at sp_ac.sg>
> Date: 3 Feb 97 12:52:43 WAT
> >> Second Question: If question one is true, does one form of light
> >> penetrate water better than the other?  IOW, should a tank that is lit
> >> by flourescents be more intensly lit at the same depth as light from a
> >> MH bulb?
> The light penetration of a MH with proper reflector can reach up to 36
> inches easily, however, no matter how many fluorescent lamps you have,
> the maximum penetration is about 18 inches.  Again, if the bulbs are
> placed at the surface of the water.  This can be easily measured, as
> you have mentioned, with a lux meter.

I'm sorry, my Confusion Alarm just went off.  Could you go into more
detail on why FL light is different than MH light?  Are the photons
somehow weaker?  

Also, I know you didn't mean this, but what you said was that if a 30"
deep tank was lit with FL bulbs, the lower 14" would be pitch black.
I don't think this happens in real life.