Re: Fluorescent Light Intensities

AQ>Thanks very much for your information.
AQ>I have been using Phillips tubes (mix and match) and this is their ratings f
AQ>their normal household/commercial tubes

AQ>Bulb type Colour  Temp(K) CRI  Efficiency (lm/W)
AQ>- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
AQ>Standard 54  6200  72  69
AQ>Super 80 84  4000  85  96
AQ>  85  5000  85  92
AQ>  86  6500  85  90

AQ>Beats the hell out of buying the specialized lamps.  Mind you, though, I hav
AQ>had better plant growth with the specialised lamps per se.

AQ>Rodney Dorville

I've been trying to find this information for a while. Claus
Christensen at Tropica recommends using (among others) Phillips bulbs.
I can get Phillips "Agro Lites" pretty cheaply. They are supposed to be
for plants but, as usual, there is no information on the light
temperature. Do you know what it is for the Agro lites?

Justin Healy