>Does anyone know of any reason, for the sake of fish or plants, why
>aluminum should not be kept in contact with aquarium water?

I am not sure it is a bad thing. In the Wepia region (I think its the Wepia
:-) )
anyway.. in the Wepia region of Australia, Tentpole creek to be exact there
are high levels of Alum in the water turning it a beautiful turquoise color
and it it teaming with life. The fish that come from there are also a
beautiful turquoise in color untill you put them in an aquarium without the
same water. They then turn a pastel yellow and green kinda mix with bright
red finns. Before you know it they look nothing like the original fish and
it could be due to the lack of Alum in the water. I am not saying to add it
just that I dont know if it is a bad thing.

The fish is M. trifasciata....

Roy Hunter
ANGFA of North America
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