Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #491

Amano.  I've been reading alot about his tanks for quite some time now, and
I'm rather tired of it.  I will admit, he certainly does take photo's of
beautiful planted aquarium's, but that does not prove that he knows how to
keep a planted aquarium running smoothly.  It would not be too hard for a
person to put plants in a tank, and take a photo after the water has
cleared.  I'm not saying that he does this, but what I have read of his
texts (which consists of articles he has written to TFH and such) he is not
very scientific about his methods of maintaining planted tanks.  

Another thing that bugs me about his methods are what everyone is refering
to "hocus pocus" fertilizers and etc.  He does not seem to list his
ingredients on the labels or make them avalible since people on this list
have requested someone to analyze his products to see what is really in
them.  This makes me skeptical from the get go. 

Amano does not have a track record long enough to satisfy me.  Tropica has
a track record of growing beautiful plants for many years, and selling the
world wide with many people praising the quality of plants they recieved
from Tropica.  All Amano offers us are a buncha pictures, shotty text when
looked at from a scientific point of view, and a buncha products that are a
shot in the dark as far as knowing what you are putting in your tank (and
that bugs me with Geo-Liquid also, but I'll save that for another day.)  

Thanks for reading my ramblings.  I expect to get some mail about this
one... <G>

Allan Tomkinson
atom at salisbury_net

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