lighting a hex tank

Hi folks,

I have recently purchased a hex tank (actually it was a christmas gift to myself) and now i am 
contimplating the best way to set it up.  The biggest problem is how to light the crazy thing!  Two 
of my tanks use compact flourescents (2 x 29w on my 20 gallon and 5 x 29w on my 45) and the other 
has a old rusting shop light that works great...but isn;t very pretty.  This 32 hex is going to be 
in a bedroom for the time being and I am considering three options:

1.  3 x 29w 4500k compact flourescents made into pendant fixtures (~$140)
2.  1 175w 6500K metal halide pendant (~$250)
3.  1 x 96w 6500k compact flourescent (~$???)  I know they are available i just haven;t been able 
to find a price on them yet)

Any comments on this prediciment?  The tank is an approximately 24" wide hex so i wouldn;t want 
anything more that width.  It is also fairly deep...so I want light intesity that will amke it down 
to the bottom of the tank.  I am considering a carpet of drawf Eliarchis (like I already have 
established in my 20) or Glossostigma (aka Amano) so i will need plenty of light making it to the 
substrate level.  Any observations will be appreciated.

    jdavis at bio_tamu.edu
    jmd9261 at tam2000_tamu.edu