Fishproof Plants and Aluminum

Subject: Fishproof plants?

Neil Frank wrote:

> Fish do not seem to like
>to eat Java moss. My water turtle, doesn't even eat it. I would usually
>wedge it between large rocks. Once it starts growing well, it will attach to
>rock which looks nice and helps it keep in place.

When we were setting ip the tanks for the Pond exhibit at the NEA, we had
to attach large amounts of Fontinalis to driftwood.  I found that a staple
gun worked great, and within a few days the staples were rusty enough that
you couldn't see them.  I suspect the same could easily be done with Java


Subject: Aluminum

>Does anyone know of any reason, for the sake of fish or plants, why
>aluminum should not be kept in contact with aquarium water?

It is my understanding that aluminum is toxic to plants.  I'm not sure
about fish.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association