Origin of "Blue Bulbs"

If I have already mentioned this, I apologize.

The "original" blue fluorescent bulbs were first used by J.P. Burleson, and
were (and still are) designed for Ozalid Process drafting print machines. The
originals are a LOT cheaper than the "Aquarium" bulbs, but are not all that
easy to find.  Generally, they can be purchased from the folks who sell and
service the Ozalid type printers.  The significance of the blue light is,
blue is virtually the ONLY wavelength, i.e. color, of light that penetrates
Sea Water beyond about 30 feet in depth. The blue light is utilized in
photosynthesis by the algae that are contained in anemones and corals.
 Chlorophyl is green in color because it reflects green light. Blue works
just fine for photosynthesis, but your tanks sure look goofy!  :-)