Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #488

>Now, why don't we take a respite from PMDD and Tropica MasterGrow, and try 
>to figure out >what Amano is doing? Why don't we buy samples of all of his 
stuff: PowerSand, Green Mix >this >and that, Special Hocus Pocus Goop
A, B  and C, and whatever else :-), and try to figure >out his methods?

>Yes, pleeeeease. How does he carpet his gravel with E. tennellus and 
Glostostigma, anyways? 

I agree, everyone has Tropica's fertilizer pegged. That because Tropica
doesn't play those kind of hocus pocus tricks ... they publish the
"recipe" with each bottle. Amano plays us for dummies with his hocus
pocus goop. Let's find out what he actually is offering. I'll buy some.

Justin in Savannah where a closed mind is a thing to be proud of.