Re: Living Water Vital

Pat Bowerman wrote Jan 30:

>Maybe pertinent, maybe not.
>I was reading an article on the net about Coral Vital, and came across
>the following.
>"According to our laboratory, apart from the chelated calcium base, CV
>also has calculated portions of brewer's yeast, dextrose, glucose,
>acetate to insure the proper enzymes (already exist in nature or our
>aquariums) to kick in. Although the CV is not a fertilizer, it feeds
>microscopic organisms so that they become more active, especially in the
>photosynthetic type of organisms."
>Would it be too far fetched to infer that Living Water Vital might
>contain many of these same ingredients? And if so, what are
>"photosynthetic types of organisms" ? What would be the effects of
>adding the above mixture (save the chelated calcium) to our planted
Ah! the smell of baloney is getting stronger.  The stuff has some sugar and
some calcium!  The sugar will stimulate the growth of some bacteria, but,
so what?  What good does it do to put sugar in your tank?  By the way,
dextrose is the just another name for glucose.  The only thing that will
feed photosynthetic organisms is mineral nutrients.  Photosynthetic
organisms are plants and algae.

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