Basic Aq-plant maintenace

OK,  so far by reading this list for a few days I have decided to start with

1.  Learn the common and latin name, origin and needs of each
     plant I put in my tank.

2.  Let the fish waste produce the CO2,Nitrogen, Potassium and K
     (whatever that is).

3. When I feel like stretching myself in this new but seriously enjoyable    
         part of my aquarium hobby, I will:
   A.  Make a yeast starter with water,corn sugar and wine yeast in a      
          two liter bottle.   Inject the CO2 the yeast produce into the tank with
          an airtube.
   B.  Buy a bottle of liquid plant fertilizer consisting of mostly trace            
         elements and watch to see if this "hit and miss" collage                    
         promotes growth.

Is this a good start or are there any basic elements missing.