Re: Greenol and Ironite

Robert Brunner writes
>I recently bought liquid chelated iron at a gardening store. Its 
>called GREENOL. It is 3.64% Sulfur, .13% chelated copper and 6.13%
>iron. (Also .10% chelated Zinc). Has anyone heard of this. I am not 
>sure of the dosage to add to my tank. I have a 150 gln discus tank and
>water changes every 3 days. Please respond! I really need to know how 
>much to add!!! 

Copper, in small amounts can be medicinal to fish.  In larger amounts, it
is deadly.  I would be very cautious about using this.

Curtright writes...
>For some time now, I have been using Ironite to feed my aquarium 

Do you use it in pellet form?  How much do you use (per gallon) and how
often do you add it?