A few months ago I posted a message about needing help with my dying
plants and abundance of hair algae in my tank.  I received a number of
replys that had a common answer of PMDD, CO2, and testing.  I
implemented the suggestions, and wanted to inform everyone of my growing
(increasing) success.  The hair algae is almost completely disappeared
(just a trace or two around the base of some plants).  The plants are
starting to thrive again some more so than others.  The Val. spiralis is
taking over and has blossomed (a first for me).  The swords are growing
but are not the same size as before (just a matter of time).  The Crypt
? is growing better than any other I've ever had.  

I would like to thank the collective membership of this list.  The
amount and quality of information available is simply staggering.  I
have to agree with the recent thread titled PMDD that for the vast
majority of hobbyist out there a successful plant tank is a matter of
blind luck and requires a certain amount of black magic.  It shouldn't
be that difficult to find this info and armed with this info a
successful plant tank is within the reach of almost everyone.

Before I subscribed to this list (the best thing I've ever done in this
hobby besides buying my first tank and fish), I didn't have a clue.  Now
that I have this info and know where to get it, I feel I can have as
successful a tank as I care (afford) to have. 

This list has made the hobby fun again, and I am looking forward to the
repeatability of the triumphs.  My heartfelt thanks go out to everyone.
I hope I am able to give back to this list what I've taken from it.