Newbie questions

Thanks to the list maintainers and all who post, for this wonderful list.

I am in the process of setting up a 37tall and I have a 20long.

The 20gal is setup with a whisper2 and a millinium 2000 and the two
20watt full spectrum bulbs.  No influx of daylight, temp at 75.  I only use
the M2000 with the biogrid filter plate so I can clean  the whispers filter,
with the weekly water change, without worry.   The fish In this tank are
9 guppies, 2 neons and a few guppy fry.  The plants are, 2 dwarf Lilly, 7
or 8 leaves of Vallisneria, java moss, a large Amazon sword, a short
grass of unknown type and what I believe to be a small but growing
Echinodorus that was inadvertantly thrown in with the java moss.

I have not started to use fertilizers yet.  I use to test my waters for
ammonia, nitrates and nitrites but I have found that without over stocking,
weekly water changes and good filtration is enough.   I will see if this
holds true in a planted tank. 

Everyone is doing very well except the Vallisneria.  The leaves are
growing a little, but it is not sending out runners as I thought it would.  
The uknown grass has set runners all around the tank and is doing well. 
Anyway, besides what I have read, that is my experience with a planted
tank.   Anything I should change or add?  Is the fish/plant ratio ok?

Now for my questions.   For the 37tall I only have two 20watt bulbs, but, I
will double that in a few months.   Untill then what are some low light
plants besides Java moss that will grow in this tank with 40watts total.  
Also, will the eventual 80watts be enough for a 37tall tank.  Does anyone
have any other options for me?

Another thing about this tank is that it will only have around 25gal of
water in it.  I have a magnum 330 canister filter and have created a small
waterfall to one side of the tank.  On the other side I have some cork
bark floating, but secured to one side. On that I will grow moss and a
few plants.   I realize that this will cause a bit of shade to one side of the
tank, but I like the look of the setup and have slate rock on the shaded
Does anyone know if this cork bark will affect the Ph of the water?  Has
anyone out there ever used corkbark in a fish tank?   I plan on having 3
or 4 Angles in this tank.

Thanks for your time.
Bill                    wslusser at parkland_cc.il.us