Shop Lights

I have just been talking to one of my colleagues who teaches "lighting" and 
have gleaned the following information from hip as regards to flouroscent 

1.  Penetration depth is only 18inches from surface of the water
2.  Check the lighting catalog (either Phillips, GE or Triton) for the light 
spectrum you are looking for
3.  Use an electronic ballast, which helps in the efficiency of the lighting
4.  A reflector puts back as much as 30% of the light
5.  Heat in the lamp holding decreases the efficiency and loss of the life of 
the tube.

At present I have only the Phillips catalog and it seems that its normal TLD 
85/86 lights are the type that give the best output for our use at around 
5000/6500K.  These lights are cheap at only US$8.00 as compared to the others 
in the aquarium trade.

(rdorvill at sp_ac.sg)