RE: Shop Lights?

	I have had outstanding success with four foot shop lights. They
can be picked up for about US $7.99 for a four foot dual tube set up that
you just plug in. There is also a two footer that will run two 20 watt
bulbs. These are great for the 15 or 20 high tanks. The two footers are
also great if you want to increase lighting over certain areas, one end
for example, of a larger tank. Just remember that these shop lights were
NOT built to take any serious moisture. I use glass or plexiglass covers
and set the shop lights directly on the cover.
	A hanging shop light, if the tank is not covered, may suffer
moisture damage. Any light lost due to the distance of the light from the
tank can be made up by buying another shop light. Hey, at under ten bucks,
who cares! Contrary to the idea one may get from this digest, you can have
a beautiful planted tank on a shoe string budget. A cheap shop light with
Wal Mart GroLux bulbs and an old two liter pop bottle with some sugar and
yeast are really all you need to have a gorgeous planted tank.

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