Coral Vital

Maybe pertinent, maybe not.
I was reading an article on the net about Coral Vital, and came across
the following. 

"According to our laboratory, apart from the chelated calcium base, CV
also has calculated portions of brewer's yeast, dextrose, glucose,
acetate to insure the proper enzymes (already exist in nature or our
aquariums) to kick in. Although the CV is not a fertilizer, it feeds
microscopic organisms so that they become more active, especially in the
photosynthetic type of organisms."

Would it be too far fetched to infer that Living Water Vital might
contain many of these same ingredients? And if so, what are
"photosynthetic types of organisms" ? What would be the effects of
adding the above mixture (save the chelated calcium) to our planted

> Paul Sears also wrote:
> >       I think the problem is that [fertilizer] has been something close
> >to a black art for a very long time.  "Fertilizers" and other additives
> >with unlisted ingredients, lots of conflicting stories about what causes
> >what, and an appalling ignorance of basic chemistry have left almost
> >everyone in the dark, hoping to find a set of conditions that lets
> >them keep a half-way decent looking aquarium.
> >       It does not have to be like that!

Cite the above case, and ring up another amen from the choir!