T8s, SPX-50s, Grainger

>I am having really major difficulties in finding GE SPX-50 lamps or
>equivalents (36" and 48") in my area, and I have temporarily equipped my T-8

My 2 cents?  I thought I couldn't go Grainger b/c I didn't own a business,
though someone suggested that I should look at it as doing research for the
university, just in case I find the university in need of info on GE SPX50s
<g> (I'm a history PhD candidate).  Anyway, I called around and found that
I could get better prices than Grainger from local electic supply
stores--especially if I call them with a model number.  If you call enough
of these places in your area you should be able to find someone who carries
GE tubes.  I find that if I call for a quote before I go in, the price is
lower.  If I buy by the case (12), SPX-50s cost me less than half
Grainger's cost.  Buy 12, give 6 away, still save money. . . .

HTH, Dirk