Re: Are 40w cool whites becoming scarce?

>From: rjw at aluxs_micro.lucent.com (Ronald Wozniak)
>Subject: Re:  Are 40w cool whites becoming scarce?

>Congress passed the National Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPACT) which
>besides calling for more energy labeling, it also calls for the phasing out
>of all commercial use of 40w cool white bulbs.  They're replacing the 
>40W CW T12 bulbs with 34 Watt T8 bulbs and energy saving electronic ballast.

You can still find 40W modified CW, for example, the Philips F40CW/RS/EW or
F40/SPEC41/RS/EW, F40/SPEC30/RS/EW, at places like Home Depot.  It gives
approximately 15% to 20% less light output (and energy savings) and will
work in existing CW shop-light fixtures.  These probably won't go away until
1999, when the next phase of conversions take effect.