Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #481

On Tuesday, 28 January 1997, Paul Sears wrote:

> 	I would not suggest using both at the same time.  The method 
> Kevin and I developed was not (as Karen Randall suggested) based on
> Tropica Mastergrow; we used logic and experiment.  The plants _need_
> K, N, P and a well-known list of trace elements.  They must be provided
> somehow, but there is no point in duplicating sources, and I infer 
> from what Karen said that Tropica Mastergrow is a trace element mix.

I must confess that when I developed the original recipe I based
the %Mg and K on the Tropica formula.  Since then I've reduced
the Mg to 40% of the original value and cranked the K way way up.

Because Tropica Mastergrow contains K, it's more than just a trace
element mix; however, my experience suggests that it has too little K
for us power growers.  Using Mastergrow with supplementary K2SO4 and
KNO3 would probably work well for those who can't find a cheap
commercial trace element mix.
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