Karen Randall will be speaking at Raleigh Workshop

The Raleigh Aquarium Society is hosting the 13th annual "Carolina Aquarium
Workshop" Feb 28-Mar 2. There will be the usual long lineup of speakers,
raffles and a great all day Sunday auction. This time the event will even be
better than usual because Karen Randall will be speaking!!

The other speakers are: 
David Herlong (African Cichlids)
Gerry Hoffman (Dwarf Cichlids)
Dr. Gene Lucas (Bettas and Fish of Indoniesia
Ray "Kingfish" Lucas (Freshwater Fishkeeping)
Keith Pyontek (New and Unusual Fish)
Dana Riddle (Reefi Tank Lighting and Beginning Reefs
Joseph Yaiullo (Succesful Reefkeeping)

The event will be at the Crabtree Holiday Inn (919)782-8600
Room Rte $65/day until Feb 2.

Neil Frank      Aquatic Gardeners Association         Raleigh, NC