posting problems / Infections, etc.

All: Sorry about the formatting problem with my previous post. I just
switched to a new email client (Microsoft Outlook) and it seems to have a
mind of it's own for the time being. Hopefully this message will be ok.

Also, I wanted to add another point about acquiring infections from the
aquarium: Our layer of skin is a remarkable barrier against most pathogens.
However, if this layer is breached, such as from a scratch/cut, etc., the
chance of an infection increases. Therefore, if you get a cut on your
hand/arm the best thing to do is to use a glove until it heals, and as
usual to wash thoroughly with an anti-bacterial soap when finished.

I really think that people are getting overly concerned about the matter.
If aquariums actually posed a threat to one's health, one would see a
significant increase in illness among people who worked in aquarium / fish
stores, as well as breeders and serious hobbyists; of course, this has not
been observed.