Re: Pathogens for aquarists to watch.

There have been several postings on possible pathogens for aquarists to be
aware of and as a practising General Practitioner here in Australia I must
say I have only seen 2 cases in 30 years.

A literature search here has revealed that 3 species of Mycobacterium
(marinum, fortuitum, balnei) have been implicated in cases of "Fish
Fancier's Finger" or "Swimming Pool Granuloma". It appears that an entry
point ( e'g' injury or existing skin disease such as eczema) for the
bacterium to access as well as a supply of pathogens in the inhabitants of
the tank is usually necessary.

I guess the best advice is be aware - if you have had unexplained fish
deaths.And don't go cleaning your tanks unprotected if you have broken
skin. Reptiles and amphibians can carry these "bugs" too as well as the
various Salmonellas, Klebsiellas and Pseudomonas strains.

 I have not seen any documented cases of hobby-related Legionella ( except
in Nursery workers ) .

Bruce Hansen