Emerse Growable Plants?

Several months ago I had the good luck to be in Denmark and spend a day
with Claus Christensen touring the Tropica Plant facility. Many of
Tropica's plants are emerse grown and all of Tropica's plants are

I have since set up a tank (33 long) in which to grow aquarium plants
emersed. Setup includes 80 W of lighting, a spray bar that leaves no
part of the tank floor unmisted and a pump drawing warmed water from
the substrate and using that to mist the plants.

My question is, what plants do best emersed?

Among the plants I have in my collection that I could propogate are:
Echinodorus: bleheri, ocelot, and tenellus; Cryptocoryne: willisi,
wendtii, and balansae; Anubias: Barteri nana, Barteri barteri,
coffeafolia; Rotala macranda, Microsorium pteropus, Bolbitis
heudelotii, and Vesiucularia dubyana. (also several varieties of
undefined algae   :-(    )

Justin in spring-like Savannah where people don't like to think that
they came from "monkeys".