Aquatic Photography

I've seen some excellent published photography over the past few years by 
members of this list.  Unfortunately, my monitor and video card aren't too 
great when it comes to viewing web site pictures.  So no flame is intended 
when I only talk about photos in the US magazines.  It's just I can't view 
high quality electronic pictures.

Will you "professional" aquatic photographers give a few hints?  For 
example, why is a short depth of field used when photographing so 
frequently?  This causes part of the photo to be out of focus.   Take a 
look at Amano's pictures where he photographs the length of the tank - 
everything is in focus except maybe a darting fish.  My guess is he uses a 
long depth of field and longer exposure times.  The recent palaudarium 
article had excellent photos - weren't those by Karen Randall?  (I can't 
find the copy right now, I'm cleaning the house.  :-)  The few I've tried 
were off color (no lens filters were used) and the images weren't crisp. 
 What kind of lenses are used, filters, film speed, etc, for the folks who 
are successful?

Rochelle Williams
williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil