Re: Dangerous water

David Webb wrote:

>I'm beginning to think now that I've been infected several times
>with strep from my aquariums, and am now considering an
>erythromyacin treatment, not to eliminate the cyanobacteria, but
>the potential human pathogens that might be there.

I find this very hard to believe, Dave.  I've had several sore throats
and colds this winter too, including one that had me bedridden for
two days, but so has everyone else in my office.  Even if it were
true, if you disinfect your tanks with antibiotics they won't stay
disinfected for long.  Certainly there is documented evidence that
amphibian tanks may harbor and transmit Salmonella infections, but
before we generate a rumour and mothers start telling their kids that
they can't have an aquarium because "they spread germs" let's be
prudent about what we say.  Maybe John Davis, our resident
microbiologist, can shed some more light on the subject.

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