Re: CO2 bottle pressure gauge

     >Right, more or less. In the last 5 years or so, I've bought 7 or 8
     >20 pound CO2 tanks. Each showed the exact same pressure (about 1200
     >psi) and then, over a few days or a week, dropped to 0. As soon
     >as that needle moves, the tank is empty - you're running on fumes.
     Hmmm, this isn't my experience.  I recently refilled my 20# cylinder 
     after watching it go from the usual 900 psi down to about 100 psi over 
     the past two months (before Thanksgiving; I got a refill Jan 11).  My 
     tank uses about 2 bubbles/second.
     You have a leak somewhere.  Did you do the soapy water test (put soapy 
     water on all your connections, and check for bubbles)?  7 or 8 tanks 
     over 5 years sounds like a lot, unless you have hundreds of gallons of 
     Are you running high pressure through vinyl tubing somewhere (like 
     from the regulator to the needle valve)?  Vinyl tubing is slightly gas 
     permeable.  I use copper tubing between the regualtor and the needle 
     valve, and vinyl from the needle valve to the tank.